Handel zwischen Deutschland und China erreicht neue Höhen

Das Handelsvolumen zwischen  Deutschland und China erreicht neue Höhen. Das ist jedoch nicht nur einseitig, sondern beinhaltet auch chinesische Investitionen in Deutschland. Hier ein Artikel aus der China Daily zum Thema:

Trade between China and Germany is expected to reach new highs, as mutual
trade and investment will continue expanding, Chinese Ambassador Wu Hongbo said

Bilateral trade between China and Germany, both economic powers in the
world, totalled $142.4 billion in 2010, Wu told a press briefing.

The prospect of bilateral trade remains promising for the rest of this year,
as it already hit $127 billion in the first nine months, despite the sweeping
global economic and financial crisis, he said.

While mutual direct investment has gained momentum in recent years, a huge
imbalance still exists. According to official statistics, German direct
investment in China had reached $18.03 billion by the end of August, more than
10-fold that of Chinese direct investment in Germany, which stood at only $1.73

As Chinese investment accounts for only 0.3 percent of Germany’s total
foreign direct investment, Chinese enterprises have huge potential to increase
direct investment to Germany.

“The economic structures of the two countries are reciprocally
complementary than competitive,” Wu said, noting that Chinese enterprises
are encouraged to expand various forms of cooperation with their German

“This will be conducive to bringing to full play China’s comparative
advantages in manufacturing and Germany’s technological ones,” he said.
“It will help open more sales channels in the Chinese market for German
products and will also help boost employment in Germany.”

Of the 1,300 Chinese-funded enterprises which have set up branch offices in
Germany, Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co Ltd is a good example. It has
ploughed an accumulative investment worth some 200 billion dollars since it
acquired the German company SCHIESS in 2004.

Among major Chinese enterprises which have stepped
up direct investment in Germany, Huawei, a leading global networking and
telecommunication provider, has also established its European headquarters and
R&D center in Germany.


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